International Labor Defense Fundraising Flyer

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Subject: Labor and unionization

Decade: 1920s

Subcollection: Strikes and Labor Organization, 1929-1993


Transcription: THE MURDER OF SACCO AND VANZETTI MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN! / Save the Gastonia Prisoners! / The Trial Starts July 29th / The right of the workers of the entire South to organize and struggle for better conditions is menaced. / The right of workers to defend themselves against murderous raids of the mill owners' police and strong-arm men is at stake. / Now - 15 southern textile workers - members of the National Textile Workers Union - are charged with murder. They face the electric chair. Eight others face long years of imprisonment. / The millions of workers in the whole of America are challenged! / The Gastonia Strikers Must Be Saved From The Electric Chair! / NOT ONE MUST BE SENTENCED TO PRISON! / All 25 innocent men and women must be unconditionally released! The defense of these heroic strikers is your cause. Rally to the support of the International Labor Defense. / Millions of workers must voice their demands -- a million signatures be gathered on the petitions. / $50,000 MUST BE RAISED / Rush all Funds to Int'l Labor Defense / 80 E. 11th St -- Room 402 -- New York City.
City & County: Gastonia (N.C.); Gaston County (N.C.)
Contributor: Lucy R. Penegar Collection