Jack Mars and Jerry Mitchell

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Subject: Work and everyday life


Subcollection: Employee Portraits

Bill Passmore: And thatメs Jack Mars and Jerry Mitchell. Yeah, they were both pipe-putters. And those two guysナ the red-headed guy on the left, Jack Mars, he and I worked together for manyナ well, several years. He was a good guy. And Jerry and I were in the Masonic lodge together. … Interviewer: And what are they doing here? BP: Looks like they’re taking pipe covering off. EG: And whereメs this? This is down in theナ BP: That was in the basement. EG: Yeah. BP: Matter of fact, it was right down there. You can see the wall, where thatナ where the steam engine sat.

City & County: Gastonia (N.C.); Gaston County (N.C.)
Contributor: Elmer W. Passmore Collection