Strikers’ Tent Colony, Gastonia, N.C.

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Subject: Labor and unionization

Decade: 1920s

Subcollection: Strikes and Labor Organization, 1929-1993

Black and white photograph of tent colony set up by striking workers of Loray Mill evicted from their homes during 1929 strike.

Transcription: Tent colony formed by Loray Mill strikers / Gastonia, N.C...the tent colony of the strikers of the Loray Mill in Gastonia maintained by the Workers International Relief. The old barn in upper right hand corner serves as union headquarters. The tent colony was moved to the outskirts of the city after authorities seized the old headquarters in raid of June 7th in which chief of police Aderholt lost his life. 15 men are to be tried for Aderholt's murder. / E-7-12-29 HP AM
City & County: Gastonia (N.C.); Gaston County (N.C.)
Contributor: Lucy R. Penegar Collection