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#3 Treating Unit Being Constructed

#3 Treating Unit Under Construction

#8 Treating Unit Being Built

#8 Treating Unit Construction Inspected

1942 Firestone Textiles Fire Truck

1955 Open House Plant Tours

1956 Firestone Scholar Winner Michael Stroupe

Acquitted Strikers, Gastonia, N.C., 1929

Addie S. Smith

Addition to Administration Building Begun

Adjusting Machinery for Shipment

Adjusting Roller

Adults in Classroom

Aerial View of Firestone Mill

Aerial View of Firestone Mill

Aerial View of Firestone Mill Village

Aerial View of Firestone Mill, Front

Aerial View of Firestone Mill, Rear

Aerial View of Firestone Textiles, Inc.

Aerial View of Loray Mill

Aerial View of Mill Showing Surrounding Neighborhoods and Highways

Aerial View Showing Mill and Village

Aerial View Showing Whole of Firestone Mill

Aerial View, Roof and Structure of Firestone Mill

Agricultural Field with Firestone Mill in Background

Alene Bolynn

Alice Ammons, November, 1982

All-Stars of the Harold Mercer Little Tar Heel Baseball League

Alternate View,Crane Removing Small Machinery

Alvin Riley at His Desk

Annie Chastain

Annie Hyelman

Arm of Crane in Operation

Arm of Crane Leaving Plant

Army-Navy "E" production Award Banquet

Army-Navy "E" production Award Card, Mattie Passmore

Army-Navy "E" production Award Card, Robert Passmore

Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony Namecard for Russell A. Firestone

Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony Program for Acme Spinning Company

Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony Program for Firestone Mills

Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony, Firestone Mills, 1944

Army-Navy "E" production Award Crest

Army-Navy "E" production Award Flag Flying

Army-Navy "E" production Award Flag Flying at Award Ceremony

Army-Navy "E" production Award Flag Raised Over Firestone Mill

Army-Navy "E" production Award Given to Firestone

Army-Navy "E" production Award Granted at Loray Mill

Army-Navy "E" production Award Speech at Firestone Mills

Arvel R. Laughter

Assembling Trailer for Equipment

At the Machinery

At Work on Firestone Administration Building Addition

At Work on New Fabric Treating Unit at Gastonia Firestone Mill

Auxiliary Military Police Patch

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony at Firestone Mills

Award Ceremony with Workers Inside Mill

Award Ceremony, March 1959

Award for Accident Prevention, 1937

Award Recipients

Awards Ceremony

Baco Machinery

Bale of Cotton with Firestone logo

Band Posed in Front of Picnic Shelter

Bank of Employee Lockers

Banquet at Firestone Mill

Banquet at Firestone Mill

Banquet at Firestone Mill Community Center

Banquet at Firestone Mills, Gastonia, N.C.

Banquet Reception

Barrel of Oil for Machine Rings

Baseball Award Ceremony

Bassmasters President presenting "Fisherman of the Year Award"

Beam Stand

Beam Twisting Room, Loray Mill, circa 1935

Beatrice Patterson at Her Retirement Party

Beatrice Patterson Holding Retirement Needlepoint

Becky and Tommie McLeymore with Jackie Dale Crawford at Firestone Labor Day Funfest

Beginning Construction on Building #8, Treating Unit

Ben Davis Accepting Army-Navy "E" production Award Pins

Bennettsville Plant Receives Green Cross for Safety

Bertha Clark

Bertha Dodgen

Bill Passmore Behind Steel Fabric

Bill Passmore Receiving Safety Award for Firestone Plant

Billy Fornerberger Paused in His Work

Biography of Mildred Gwin Andrews

Blanche McGinnis

Blanton Bryant

Bobby Nichols Tours the Firestone Plant

Bobby Rogers, Pieter Niekirk, and Thomas Robinson

Bolts of Cloth Before Treatment

Bolts of Cloth Waiting to Be Treated

Ralph Moton

Raw Material in Mill Basement

Ray Nations Poses in Firestone Plant

Rear View of Cabins, Camp Firestone

Rear View of Worker Dormitories

Receiving Memento of Visit

Recreation Center Used as Polling Place

Reda M. Hoffman

Refreshment Break on Safety Recognition Day

Reginal L. Floyd, Sr. with Bicycle

Bonnie Dockery

Reid A. Deal and Fred E. Deal

Reinstalling a Roller

Removed Machinery Loaded onto Trailer

Removing Empty Beam from 4761

Removing Machinery

Removing Roller from Machine

Removing Tape and Ends from New Beam

Repairing Machine Parts

Repairing Machinery

Retirement Party

Retiring Employee at Machine

Retiring Employee in Mill

Richard A. Riley and Frances Fletcher with National Safety Council Award

Richard A. Riley, Manager, Division of Firestone

Richard Redano receiving Silver Medallion Award

Rigging Machinery for Removal

Robert B. Hull

Robert L. Fonville, Charlie Robinson, and George A. Hill Build Brick Breeching

Robert L. Grooms

Boy Posing at Celebration

Robert Nash

Robert Parker Sharpening Knife

Robert Passmore in Boiler Room of Mill

Robert Passmore Signature

Robert Rhyne with Slingshots

Roberta McGill

Robin Frye and Mike Sweatt, Boy Scouts

Robin White Making Repairs

Roger Hardin Shining Shoes

Rose Dodgen

Boy Scout Receives Savings Bond

Rosy Millikin

Row of Machinery

Rows of Carts

Rows of Machinery Inside Firestone Plant

Rows of Ply Twisters

Roxie Roper Newton and Lois Moore Taylor

Ruby Givens

Ruth E. McGhee

S.L. Owens and Linda Cheryl Owens in Woodworking Shop

Sallie Brewer and Paul Torrence

Sally's Retirement Party

Sam Jolly, John Mitchell, and W.A. Panther

Sam Wilson

Samuel Love

Samuel M. Rhyne

Sandra Cooper

Sandy Huss at Creel and Workers Preparing for Shipping

Santa Greets Children

Sara Fulbright

Schematic Drawing, Loray Mill

Boy Scout Troop

Section of Machinery Removed by Crane

Selecting Samples for Testing

Selective Service Card, Robert Passmore, 1942

Selective Service Card, Robert Passmore, 1944

Service Award Ceremony

Service Years

Sharpening Doffing Knives

Shipping Department, Firestone Mill

Shirley Hall and Costonia Friday at Company Christmas Meal

Side-by-side Portraits of Men in Suits

Boy Scout Troop, Circa 1950

Singing Christmas Tree, Loray Baptist Church

Sitting with Santa

Small Garden, Gastonia, N.C.

Small Machinery Readied for Shipment

Sally Carpenter at work

Soldiers at Firestone Mills

Soldiers Raising Army-Navy "E" production Award Flag

Soldiers with Boat

Spinning Room, Loray Mill, circa 1930

Splicing Thread Into Loom on Frame 4761

Boy Scouts Receive God and Country Award

Spooler Room, Loray Mill, circa 1930

Spools to be Sent to Quality Control Unit

Standards for Textile Testing

Storage Tanks

Storefronts in Greasy Corner, Loray Village

Storefronts in Loray Commercial District

Strikers' Tent Colony, Gastonia, N.C.

Students Receive Awards from Firestone Officials

Boyce L. Glenn, Stroborama Operator

Students Receive Certificates of Merit, Scholarship

Suit-Clad Man Shaking Female Worker's Hand

Taking Balloon Rings Out

Taking Machinery Out

Tearing Down the Frame

Technician Works on Machine

Textile Machinery

Brass Knuckles, Circa 1929

Textile Mill Machinery, front

Textiles Machinery, Firestone Mill

The Firestone Choral Club at Army-Navy "E" production Awards Ceremony

The Rape Family at Camp Firestone

Thelma Glenn Holding 314 Sign

Thomas Jones, Dorothy Couick, George Terry, James R. Nix, Mamie Stevens

Thomas L. Yelton and Ralph King

Thomas L.E.C. Moore

Three Women at Celebration

Brick Furnace and Fire Pit

Three Women at Party in Mill

Three Women Holding Certificate

Three Workers Inside Firestone Plant

Tom Mathis

Tom Snipes

Tom Snipes, 1971

Toolboxes and Tools

Touring the Plant

Tracy Whitener

Transport Trailers and Mill Village in Winter

Bridge at Camp Firestone

Trash Burning Behind Worker Dormitories

Treating Plant

Treating Plant from Above

Treating Plants Behind the Mill

Troops Posing with Rubber Manufactured Goods

Truck at Firestone Mills

Trucks and Equipment

Trucks at Firestone Mills

Trula Ball

Twenty years of progress: Firestone Textiles, Gastonia, North Carolina

Bridgestone Employee Working on Machinery

Two Men Posed Together

Two Men Celebrating

Two Men Holding an Award

Two Men in Suits

Two Men Moving Finished Tire Fabric off Factory Floor

Two Men Walking in Front of Automatic Splicer Frames

Two Women at Machinery

Two Women in Outdoors Ceremony

Two Women Operating Machinery

Two Women Pose with World's Largest Tire

Brigadier General H.F. Safford Speaking at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Two Workers in the Firestone Factory

Two Workers Looking at Photographs of Rubber Operations in Liberia

Tying in Bobbins on Cable Twisting Machine

Unidentified Firestone Employee, Possible Floyd H. Whitaker

Unidentified Male Employee

Unidentified Man in Hat and Workshirt

Unidentified Woman, Patterned Blouse

Union and Firestone Flags

URW and Firestone Flags

URW and Firestone Flags Outside Gastonia Plant

Buddy Richards, Supervisor of Overhaulers

URW Flag at Night

Various Equipment for Tire Manufacture

Vera Frye and Geraldine Woodberry Tying Warp

Vera T. Stiles

Vernon B. Lovingood

Vesta D. Lewis

Vester Ledford

View Across the Road of Sidewalk and Mill Houses

View from Hole in Wall

View from Mill of Crowd at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Building #3 Treating Unit

View Inside Plant Disassembly

View Inside the Mill

View of Administration Building, Firestone Mill

View of Cabins at Camp Firestone

View of Closed Firestone Plant

View of Cookhouse and Cabins, Camp Firestone

View of Crane and Mill Village

View of Crowd at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

View of Crowd at Celebratory Dinner

View of Equipment for Removing Machinery

Building Cinder Block Foundation

View of Gastonia Public Library and Memorial Hall

View of House, Lake, and Cookhouse at Camp Firestone

View of Loray Mill Village, Looking East

View of Mill Floor and Machinery

View of Mill Floor with Worker in Foreground

View of Mill Floor, Firestone Mill

View of Mill from Firestone Street

View of Mill Showing Dome-Roofed Treating House

View of Mill Tower

Bunks in a Cabin at Camp Firestone

View of Mill Village after Plant Closure

View of Mill Village with Firestone Mill in Background

View of Plant from Intersection of Firestone and Franklin

View of Rows of Machinery

View of Shipping Area From Above

View of the Mill Floor

View of Transport Trailers and Mill Houses

View of Treating Plant from Inside the Mill

View of Wartime Awards Ceremony

View of Woman Working at Large Machine, Firestone Mill

Cabins at Camp Firestone

Visiting Bridgestone Workers

Visitors to Plant Eating Lunch

W. Paul Reeves

W.H. Dilling

Wage Envelope, 1932

Walter Dockery

Walter Dover with Zero Defects Award

Walter Revels with Baskets of Vegetables

War Products on Display, Firestone Mill

Water Tower Scaffolding at Firestone Plant

Welcome Committee

Welcome Sign Written in Japanese

Welcome Sign, 1955 Firestone Open House

West End Methodist Church, Gastonia NC

West Gastonia Home Demonstration Club Display

Wilbur Posey, Loyd T. Metcalf, George C. High, Ida W. Byers

Will Starnes

William Beavers

William Bradley

William Buchanan

Camp Firestone Cabins

William F. Williams, Unifil Winder

William T. Hallbrook

Willie Kelly Receiving State Department of Labor Award

Willie Moore at Cable Frame

Winder Room, Firestone Plant, circa 1986

Woman and Girl on Cot

Woman at Spooling Machine

Woman at Work at Spooling Machinery, Firestone Mill

Woman at Work in Firestone Office

Captain A.T. Clay Presenting Army-Navy "E" production Pins

Woman at Work on Floor of Firestone Mill

Woman Doffing Ply Twister

Woman Holding Luggage

Woman Holding Spool

Woman in Glasses with Jeweled Frames

Woman in Mill

Woman Kissing Man Under Mistletoe

Woman Loading Spools of Thread Onto Machinery

Woman Manually Spooling at Machine

Woman Operates Textile Machine

Captain A.T. Clay Speaking at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Woman Operating Machinery

Woman Operating Splicer

Woman Posed at Machine

Woman Posing for Photograph

Woman Presenting Certificate to Man, Outdoors

Sara Carpenter Tying In a Beam

Woman Receiving Award

Woman Receiving Framed Certificate

Woman Unwrapping Gift

Woman Wearing Glasses and Brooch

Card Room, Loray Mill, 1930s

Woman Working at Loom, Firestone Mill

Woman Working at Machine

Woman Working at Machine Next to Windows

Woman Working in Textile Mill

Woman Working Machine

Women and Children

Women and Men Posing for Photograph

Women at Firestone Mill 20th Anniversary Celebration

Women at Luncheon

Card Room, Loray Mill, 1930s

Women at Retirement Party

Women Looking at Fabric, Firestone Mill

Women on Plant Floor

Women Preparing Blood Bank Containers

Women View Spooling Machinery

Women View Spooling Machinery

Women Wrapping Presents

Women's Dormitory

Wooden Toolbox, 4th Floor of Plant

Worker Checking on Operation of Machine

Worker Dormitories.

Carl D. James

Worker Inspecting Creel

Worker on Forklift Preparing to Load Materials for Shipment

Worker Operating Forklift

Worker Picking up Beams with Forklift

Worker Repairing Machine

Worker Repairs Break-Out on Creel

Worker Securing Disassembled Machinery

Workers at Firestone Plant Celebration

Workers from Clarkson Industrial Inside Firestone Plant

Workers in Front of Frame 4761

Carl Rape Receiving General Manager Award

Workers Marching, Gastonia, N.C.

Workers Moving Out Cotton Carding Machine

Workers Preparing to Move Machinery

Workers Receiving Performance Awards

Workers Re Shingling Roof of Firestone Employee's House

Workers Re Shingling Roof, Mill Building in Background

Workers Viewing Quality Exhibit, Firestone Plant

Workers with Crane

Working on Addition to Administration Building

Carl Smith with Pair of Safety Glasses which Protected His Eyes

Working on Twister Frame

Worn-Out Spindles

Worth Honeycutt

Yard Decorations

Young Boy Atop Bridge

Young Girl Standing Next to Raffle Basket

Young Male Employee Portrait

Young Man Standing Next to Bird Feeder

Young Man Working at Desk

Carolyn Miller Holds the United Appeal Outstanding Citizenship Award

Young Woman Meeting Plant Manager

Young Women at Firestone Mills

Cars Entering Camp Firestone

Cars Parked by Side of Closed Plant

Forster Winder in Operation

Knockoff Rail

Cart of Bobbins

Catherine Whitlock Operates Respooler Machine

Celebrating Visitors

Celebrating Workers at Party

Certificate of Commendation, Cramer Little

Charles Tanner Operates Polyester Ply Twister

Charlie and Eva Plyler Riding Bicycles

Charlie Ferguson, Firestone Police Chief

Uneven Pick Lines

Charlie Stiles Birthday Marquee

Material for Reweaving

Sara Carpenter Reading Hanks

Misshaped Bobbin

Child on a Swing

Harold Robinson

Minnie Kilby

Children at Mill-Owned Park

Dave Lewis

Jack Mars and Jerry Mitchell

Children Celebrating Christmas

Jack Moore

Children Gathered Around Firestone Tire Display

Robert Hull

Joe Burris

Raymond Mack at His Retirement Party

Homer Hall

Peggy Lovelace

T.J. Ross

Tommy Gibson

Children Posing with J.V. Darwin

Freddie Elkins at Ply Twister

Harry Laver, Comptroller

Milton Nichols, Cotton Manufacturing Manager

Francis Galligan

Fabric in Number 8 Treating Unit

Take up in Number 8 Treating Unit

Children Pushing Homemade Wagon

Number 3 Treating Unit Interior

Children Selling Chocolates

Tire Fabric at Inspection Table

Children Travelling

Children Visit Santa Claus

Compressor Rollers in Treating Unit

Children Visiting Santa

Roger Baker

Children with Awards at All Sports Banquet, Firestone Club Building

Number 8 Treating Unit

Boiler Room at Firestone, 1960s

Christine Davis

Christmas at Webb Theater

Christmas Decorations at Firestone Mill

Operator Loading Finished Fabric for Shipment

Loading Fabric Onto Rail Car

Johnny Jefferson Loading Fabric

Christmas Decorations Ready to Go Up, Firestone Mill

Working in Cloth Room

Christmas Party

Raw Fabric Before Treatment

Christmas Presents at Ceremony

Christopher Sweatt and Randy Watson Holding Dixie Youth All-Stars Little League Trophies

Chuck Lyons Examines Steel Fabric

Woman Respooling

Church Group at Firestone Club House

Firestone Bowling Team, 1959-60

Examining Machine Operations

Firestone Band, 1940s

Firestone Textiles Honor Roll

Office Women's Bowling Team

Cindy Dunleavy with Pageant Trophy

Serving Punch at Party

Receiving Service Pin

Myrtle Bradley Collette at Retirement Ceremony

Myrtle Bradley Collette Cutting Cake

Having Cake at Office Party

Employee Awards at Firestone

Firestone Managers at Table

Firestone Service Pin

Receiving Pens for Firestone Service

J.V. Darwin and Harold Mercer Give Award

Circus Attendees

Firestone Plant Officers

Firestone Children with Santa

Firestone Executives in Boardroom

Firestone Executives Outside Mill

Firestone Chorus

Eula Bradley Wilson Service Years Award

Eula Bradley Wilson at Firestone Mill

Civilian Men Mounted on Anti-Aircraft Gun With Firestone Blimp in Background

Civilian Men Seated at Anti-Aircraft Gun

Clara Wilson Presenting United Fund Check

Class on School Steps

Claude Davis

Claudette Taylor Playing Piano

Cleaning and Maintaining Machinery

Clearing Closed Firestone Plant

Clearing Machinery

Close-up of Apparatus for Removing Machinery

Close-up of Bridge at Camp Firestone

Close-up of Gear Adjusting Machine

Close-up of Shuttle

Close-Up of Unidentified Machinery

Close-up of Woman Attaching Tire Thread

Close-up of Woman Attaching Tire Thread

Close-Up View of Mill Machinery

Close-Up View of Working Machinery

Closed Employee Lockers

Cloys E. Stiles

Clyde A. Foy

Clyde E. Moss

Commercial District, Loray Mill Village

Construction at Firestone Mills

Conversation at Celebratory Dinner

Cord Weaving Room

Couple at Anniversary Celebration

Couple Dancing

Couple Poses at Function

Couples at Event

Courtroom With 1929 Strikers on Trial

Cover of Firestone Pamphlet

Craftsmen of the Month Winners, Firestone Mill

Cramer L. Little

Cramer Little Opening Gift at Celebration

Cramer Little Receiving Award at Firestone Mill

Cramer McDaniel

Crane and Rigging for Removing Machinery

Crane and Rigging in Operation

Crane and Rigging Removing Machinery

Crane and Rigging Removing Plant Machinery

Crane Arm Entering Plant

Crane Arm Extending from Mill

Crane Arm Extending from Plant

Crane in Operation

Crane Removing Large Section of Machinery

Crane Removing Machinery

Crane Removing Section of Factory Machinery

Crane Removing Small Machinery

Crane Taking Machinery out of Factory

Crane with Workers Below

Creel Pulled Into Compressor Stand

Crowd at 1955 Firestone Mill Open House

Crowd Inside Firestone Mill at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Crowning Miss Firestone

Crying Child

Cub Scout Troop With Leaders

D. Hoyle Helms, 1960

D. Hoyle Helms, 1971

Dan Price Sitting in Office

Dariel Walker Receives Suggestion Award from Phillip R. Williams

Dark-Haired Woman Wearing Glasses and Earrings

David Lake Riding His Bike

David Loudermilk

David W. Hirsch and Robert C. Donaldson

Demonstrating Machinery

Depiction of Loray Mills Buildings

Disassembled Beam Stand

Disassembling Machinery for Shipment

Display of Firestone Manufactured Goods

Display of Firestone tires

Display of Military Equipment

Display of Military Plastics

Display of Products Manufactured for War

Display, Firestone Mill Safety Record

Doffing Ply

Donald Melton at Celebration in Plant

Donation from Bennettsville Firestone Plant to Marlboro Academy

Donna P. Jones and Jeanette Brock

Door to First Aid Room

Dorcas E. Sutton

Doris Goodson Overhauling Machinery

Dorothy Couick

Driving Toward the Firestone Plant

Ducts for Unit 8, Gastonia Firestone Plant

Earl G. Conrad

Earl Owensby, Frame Mechanic

Early Stages of Construction, # 8 Treating Unit

Easter Egg Hunt

Eating at Firestone Plant Celebration

Edward Jolley

Edward Sweeten

Eight Workers Receiving Awards

Electrical Power House, Firestone Mill

Elene Dodgins and Flora Jean Michaels Reclaiming

Ella May Wiggins Funeral

Ella May Wiggins, Labor Defender Magazine Cover, 1929

Ellis G. Bullman

Elton R. Still

Employee Adjusting Empty Beams

Employee Inspecting Materials

Employee Lockers 220-221

Employee Training

Employee Working at Spooling Machine

Employees at Desk

Employees from Clarkson Industrial

Employees Gathered in Firestone Plant

Employees Gathered in Gastonia Firestone Plant

Employees Gathered in Gastonia Plant

Employees Gathered in Office

Employees Holding a Sign Related to Employee Benefits

Employees Holding Checks

Employees Holding Craftsmen of the Month Awards

Employees in Break Room

Employees in Smoking Area

Employees Leaving Firestone Mill

Employees Listen to Visiting Bridgestone Official

Employees Pose with Plates of Food

Employees Posing for Photograph

Employees Receiving Craftsmen of the Month Awards

Employees Watching Flag Raising

Employers Posing with Employee

Empty Beams Waiting to be Returned to Dock Area of Plant

Empty Bobbins in Mill Basement

Empty Lot With View of House and Warehouse

Entering Camp Firestone at Lake James

Entrance Boarded-Up

Entrance to Mill at Firestone Open House, 1955

Equipment on a Bench

Era Gribble

Era Gribble, February, 1983

Ernest KIeenum Checking Inventory of Paint Cans

Ernest Mason Overhauling Machinery

Ethel Robertson

Ethelene J. Nichols

Eula B. Wilson

Evelyn A. Parham

Examining Fire Extinguishers

Examining Firestone Tires Outside of Mill

Examining Tire Display at Firestone Open House

Examining Worker Process

Executive and Employee Posing for Photograph

Executive Meeting

Executive Meeting with Employee

Executive Meeting with Employee

Executive Meeting with Employees

Executive Presenting Award

Executives Meeting with Employee

Executives Speaking at Event

Families at Bus Station

Family at Entertainment Event

Family Attending Firestone Mill Event

Family Eating Food at Restaurant

Family Posed at the Circus

Family Posed Outdoors

Farmer in Field

Farmers in Corn Field

Favorite Christmas carols, those most requested on the Voice of Firestone

Female Employee Showing Manufactured Product to Soldiers

Female Employee, Loray Mills, Gastonia, NC

Female Firestone Employee

Female Operator Demonstrating Machinery to Soldiers

Female Workers Speaking to Management

Ferguson House, Firestone Street, Gastonia

Fire Brigade in Gastonia, NC

Fire Safety Exposition

Firestone 50th Anniversary Circus Party

Firestone and Bridgestone Employees Posed Together

Firestone and Bridgestone Officials Pose

Firestone Band

Firestone Band posing

Firestone Banquet in Honor of Army-Navy "E" production Award

Firestone Baseball Team

Firestone Boy's Baseball Team

Firestone Champion Farmers at Luncheon

Firestone Champion Farmers at the NYC World's Fair

Firestone Champion Farmers at Voice of Firestone Program

Firestone Company Pay Stub

Firestone Cotton Mills, Gastonia, N.C.

Firestone Craftsmen Selected in Zero Defects Program

Firestone Display for Gaston County 100th Anniversary

Firestone Drivers and Trucks

Firestone Emblem

Firestone Employee Brown, 1980s

Firestone Employee Neal

Firestone Employee Photographs

Firestone Employee Ross, 1982

Firestone Employee, Creech

Firestone Employees

Firestone Employees at Banquet

Firestone Employees at Celebration

Firestone Employees at Celebratory Dinner

Firestone Employees at Celebratory Lunch

Firestone Employees at Ringling Brothers Circus Show

Firestone Employees at Wartime Awards Ceremony

Firestone Employees Attend the Circus

Firestone Employees Clarence B. Case, Emily P. Smith, Harold N. Freeland, Annie L. Hubbard

Firestone Employees D.N. Lewis and B.R. Farmer

Firestone Employees Early Head, W. R. Rainey, J. C. Davis and Paul Stacy

Firestone Employees Esther Gordon and Susan Stiles

Firestone Employees Jesse Liles, Alton R. Tarte, Nettie Reeves, McBrie Sanders, and Leonard Green

Firestone Employees Jonas Montgomery and Clarence O. Green

Firestone Employees Oliver Hardee, Meta Hewitt, Evelyn Hughes, James W, Beaver, and Frances Brewer

Firestone Employees Oliver Taylor and Rosa B. Lane

Firestone Employees Prince Starnes, Jr., Clara B. Conrad, Howard McCarter, Sara E. Fulbright, Henry F. Spencer, and Lydia Davis

Firestone Employees Receiving Service Awards

Firestone Employees Receiving Wartime Army-Navy "E" production Award

Firestone Employees Recognized for Taking College Courses

Firestone Employees W. C. Smith, Reta Rowland, W. H. Massey, Jr., and Lenore York

Firestone Employees W.E. Posey and Alice T. Odom

Firestone Employees Wearing Safety Shirts

Firestone Employees with Large Tire

Firestone Employees with Prizes Won for United Appeal "Fair Share" Campaign

Firestone Employees with Prizes Won for United Appeal "Fair Share" Campaign,1966

Firestone Employees with Visiting Bridgestone Employee

Firestone Equipped Decals

Firestone Executive Dining With Politicians and Military Officers

Firestone Executive Presenting Award

Firestone Executives and Employee, 1955

Firestone Executives and Young Employee

Firestone Executives at Airport

Firestone Executives Presenting Award

Firestone Executives Visit Firestone Exhibit at World's Fair

Firestone Flag Flying

Firestone Lighter

Firestone Men Gathered in House

Firestone Men Receiving Awards

Firestone Plant After the Union

Firestone Mill and Village

Firestone Mill Award Ceremony

Firestone Mill Banquet

Firestone Mill Building

Firestone Mill Building

Firestone Mill Business Luncheon

Firestone Mill Christmas Decorations

Firestone Mill Employee

Firestone Mill Employee C. Dugan

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, A. Brewer

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, A. Stroupe

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, B. Fisher

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, Davis

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, Inapp Philkey

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, L. Whitesides

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, Milwood

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, T. Shaw

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph, Will Parker

Firestone Mill Employee Photograph,Burgess

Firestone Mill Employee, James Neal

Firestone Mill Employee, Joe Gilreath

Firestone Mill Employees

Firestone Mill Entrance

Firestone Mill Executives and Employees

Firestone Mill Interior Wall

Firestone Mill Meeting

Firestone Mill Official from Akron Visits Gastonia

Firestone Mills Award Ceremony

Firestone Mills Banquet

Firestone Mills Business Luncheon

Firestone Mills Employees

Firestone Mills Executive and Employees

Firestone Mills Executives

Firestone Mills Executives and Employees

Firestone Officials at Celebratory Dinner

Firestone Officials at Gastonia Plant

Firestone Officials in Gastonia

Firestone Officials Outside Loray Mill

Firestone Officials Posed with Military Officers

Firestone Officials visit Gastonia Mill

Firestone Officials with Display of Firestone Materials

Firestone Officials With Firestone Display

Firestone Parking Lot

Firestone Personnel Offices

Firestone Personnel Offices

Firestone Plant Flag

Firestone Plant Guard Ralph Carson

Firestone Plant Total Quality Control Pillars

Firestone Recreation Center Membership Card

Firestone Shoes

Firestone Textile Paychecks

Firestone Textiles Display in Window of Maxwell Brothers Store

Firestone Textiles Matchbooks

Firestone Textiles Pamphlet, 1952

Firestone Textiles Sign

Firestone Tires Sign

Firestone Treating Plant from Above

Firestone Treating Plant in Operation

Firestone Volunteers Receiving YMCA Awards

Firestone Worker, Rabb

Firestone Workers with Visiting Bridgestone Worker

Flags Flying Atop Mill Tower

Flags Raised Under Stormy Skies

Floy J. Green

Floyd H. Whitaker

Floyd J. Kelly

Flying the URW flag

Food Being Served at Firestone Open House

Four Firestone Worker Portraits

Four Men at Conversation Over Dinner

Four Men in Conversation at Dinner Table

Four Men in Front of Decorated Firestone Administration Building and Mill

Four Men Standing in Front of Curtain

Four Workers Receiving Zero Defects Awards

Frame of #3 Treating Unit

Framed Photograph of Harold Mercer

Framed Photograph of Man

Frances Fletcher

Fred Gordon Checking Beams

Fred Hardee, Frederick McCurry, and Bill Passmore Receive YMCA Membership Campaign Awards

Fred J. Garrett

Fred Morrow and Harold Robinson, Firestone Warehouse Managers

Freddie Brown, Loom Creeler at Bennettsville Firestone Plant

Fuel Oil Delivery

Fuel Tanks Being Installed at Firestone Plant

G.W. Davis

Garl Anderson and David Coleman with South Carolina Department of Safety Award

Gary Patterson Working with Woven Fiberglass

Gaston County 100th Anniversary Display in Front of Administration Building, Firestone Mill

Gaston County 100th Anniversary Display in Front of Administration Building, Firestone Mill

Gaston County Map of Mill Village

Gastonia Employee with Visiting Bridgestone Official

Gastonia Plant Recreation Center

Gastonia Plant Vision Statement

Gate 3, Firestone Mill Complex

Gear End of Machine for Adjusting

Gear End of Twisters

Gear End of Whiting Twister

Gearing of Machinery

Gears on Textile Machinery

Gene Walker

Geneva Ballanger

Genever Johnson

George C. High

George Jackson, Jr. Checking Treated Fabric for Shipment

George McLeod and Thomas M. Dismal

George V. Foy

George W. Wilson holding Spools

Gertrude McDaniel

Gettie Davis

Girl Gives Santa Drawing

Gladys Butler

Gladys McClure

Going Away Party for Japanese Firestone Employees

Governor Edward Breathitt Commissions Harold Mercer in the Honorary Order of Kentucky Colonels

Grace Bullard

Graig Wolf and Earl Saxton Wearing Safety Glasses

Green Ticket to Firestone Children's Christmas Party, 1972

Greeting Bridgestone Official

Group Celebrating Firestone Manufacturing

Group Examining Display of Military Uniforms

Group Examining Loom

Group Examining Textile Machinery

Group in Classroom, Firestone Mill

Group Looking at Spindle

Group of Boys Receiving Trophies

Group of Employees with Award for 5 Million Hours Without Injury

Group of Men and Women Examining Textile Machinery

Group of Men Standing on Steps

Group of Military and Civilian Men Posed with Woman on Steps

Group of Soldiers Posed with Firestone Officials

Group of Workers Assembled

Group of Workers at Award Ceremony

Group of Workers at Celebration

Group of Workers Getting Certificate of Appreciation for Accident Prevention

Group of Workers in Mill Classroom

Group Portrait of the Firestone Champion Farmers

Group Posed in Front of Firestone Display

Group Posed Outside Mill

Group Posing for Photograph

Group Saluting at Army-Navy "E" production Awards Ceremony

Group Tours Factory

Guests at Celebratory Dinner, Firestone Mill

Guiding Crane

Harlan E. Butler

Harley Brockman, Troy Jones, and Harold Freeland in Front of Demolished Building

Harley Keith and Deborah Owens Melton at Firestone Plant

Harold Mercer Accepting Army-Navy "E" production Award

Harold Mercer Presents Award to Ruth L. Helms

Harold Mercer Signs Zero Defect Card with Thomas Yelton and J.V. Darwin

Hazel D. Ward

Helen Foy and Beatrice McCarter at Work

Henry J. Boyd

Heredith Calhoun Receives Suggestion Award from Edwin Fuller

High School Students Touring Firestone Plant

Hobby Show Display

Hole in the Wall

Howard Love

Hoyt Hardy

Huss High School Student at Corner of Franklin and Firestone

Ida Byers Making a Chemical Analysis

Ida M. Wilson

Identification Badge, Mattie Passmore

Identification Badge, Robert Passmore

Illa R. Webster

Improved Shuttle Guard

In the Mill Basement

Ina S. Stiles

Inspecting the Machinery

Installation of Pollution Abatement Equipment at Firestone Plant

Interior of #3 Treating Unit, Firestone Mill

Interior View of Mill House Kitchen

Interior View of Mill House, Woodstove and Living Room

Interior View of Weave Shed

International Labor Defense Flyer for Gastonia Trial

International Labor Defense Fundraising Flyer

International Management Club Tour

Invitation to Army-Navy "E" production Award Luncheon

Invitation to Firestone 50th Anniversary Celebration

Irmgard Jones

J. Harding and Don Reynolds with Christmas Gifts

J.M. Cornely, Accounting Manager, Akron Plants of Firestone Company

J.M. Strickland

J.T. Jones and Johnnie Wood

J.V. Darwin and Members of the Junior Optimist Club

J.V. Darwin Hands Check to Paul H. Kold

J.V. Darwin Poses With Members Of Optimist Boys Club

J.V. Darwin Recognizing Doris Hollifield and others as Record Blood Donors

Jack E. Tino

Jahnnie Foster Posed Next to Machinery

James Alford, Jane A. Rice, Tom McClure, and Mable Hanna

James Hager and Melvin Morrison

James McMillan and Bill Neal Inside Firestone Plant

James P. Chastain

James Piercy Standing in Front of Cable Twister

James Setzer in Firestone Plant

James Thomas

Jane Bowman

Japanese Bridgestone Employees at Goodbye Celebration

Jeanette Brock and James B. Call

Jennie Ivey

Jennie Ivey Posing with Bobbin

Jessie Stringfellow Thompson Posing with Bobbins

Jimmy Swanson at Party in Firestone Plant

Joe Finger

Joe Gilreath Cleaning Machinery

Joe Gilreath Holds Drawing of Mill

Joel William Jordan

John Loudon Cahill

John McMillian

John P. Davis

John V. Darwin

John Wesley Shaw Plays Guitar Outside Firestone Mill

Joshua Brice Removing Empty Beam

Julia Buchanan Posing With Nylon Filament

Julius C. Westbrook

Julius G. Tino, Jr. and Billie Gamble Review Factory Plans

Junior Martin Overhauling Machinery, Gastonia Firestone Plant

Jury for Aderholt Trial, Gastonia, N.C.

K.Thomas Call, Magician, with Ray Morgan, O'Neill Gamble, M. J. Nichols, and J. C. Westbrook

Ken Cash at Work Bench

Kings Mountain Firestone Plant

L.M. Keisler and Marlin Thomas

Labor Union Headquarters, Bessemer City.

Laborers Picking Cotton

Lake James

Lakeside View, Camp Firestone

Large Group of Men Gathered at Firestone Building in Akron

Large Metal Structure in Rear of Firestone Mill

Large Military and Civilian Group Examining Wartime Firestone Products

Large Piece of Mill Machinery Removed

Large Truck

Last Clock-In

Last Clock-In

Leaving Work

Lee R. Jackson and Harvey Firestone

Lela Bell Cobb

Lela Cobb Posing with Bobbin

Leona Dameron Receives Outstanding Female in Industry Award

Lester W. Wilson

Letter from Loray Mill Employee

Letter Granting Army-Navy "E" production Award to Firestone Mill

Letter to R.S. Fluke

LHP Spool and Bobbin Calculator

Lifting Machinery Over Fence

Lillie Bradshaw

Lillie Crain

Line in Front of Administration Building, Firestone Open House

Line in Front of Mill, Firestone Open House

Line of Buses Next to Firestone Mill

Line Outside Firestone Girls Club

List of Tasks to Be Completed

Loading Fabric For Transport

Loading Machinery for Shipment

Loading Spools onto Machinery

Lonnie Crisp

Looking at Congratulatory Card

Looking at Firestone Display Case

Looking Out Onto Firestone Street

Looking South Toward the Firestone Plant

Loray Athletic Club Membership

Loray Commercial District

Firestone Plant and Surrounding Neighborhood

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Ford Lincoln Lockey

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Helen M. Huss

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Luther C. Beaver

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Monroe G. Burgin

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Ruth G. Shirley

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Ruth L. Helms

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Sadie B.H. Bolyn

Loray Mill Employee Photograph, Willie E. Tesiner

Loray Mill Employee Photograph,Cannon

Loray Mill Employee Photograph,Catherine Chastain

Loray Mill Employee Photograph,Margaret W. Amory

Loray Mill Pass, 1929

Loray Mill Postcard

Loray Mill Strike Trial, 1929

Loray Mill Village, Looking East

Loray Mill Village, Looking North.

Loray Mill Village, Looking West

Loray Mill, circa 1920

Loray Mill, Selling Food.

Loray Mills Workers on Strike

Loray Mills, Gastonia, N.C.

Loray: Where the Boss is Your Friend

Lorene Rogers

Louella Queen Inspecting Roll of Tire Fabric

Lowering Rigging Onto Trailer

Loyd J. Watson

Loyd T. Metcalf

Lubricating Machinery

Lubricating Machinery

Lucille Fowler

Lucy Phillips, Harold Mercer, Jesse Jones

Lunch for Visiting Bridgestone Employees

Luther Shehane

M.E. Hyelman

M.E. Robinson

M.L. Ramsey

Mabel Mantooth, J.W. Maples, and William A. Karl at Firestone Open House

Machinery Being Removed

Machinery in Process of Removal

Machinery Loaded for Shipment

Machinery Removal Equipment at Firestone Plant

Male Employee in Dark Suit and Glasses

Male Worker Standing at Machinery

Man Accepting Award

Man Addressing Crowd at Award Dinner, Firestone Mill

Man Addressing Crowd at Celebratory Dinner

Man Addressing Crowd at Dinner

Man and Woman at Firestone Outing

Man and Woman Cutting Cake

Man and Woman in Formal Attire

Man and Woman Laughing in Mill

Man and Woman Posed on Settee

Man and Young Woman in Store, Looking at Letter

Man at Helm of Treating Plant Control Panel

Man at Spooling Machine

Man Behind Desk

Man Being Presented Certificate

Man Cleaning Glasses

Man Giving Check

Charlie Young Holding Celebratory Cake

Man Holding Origami

Man in Cotton Field

Man in Firestone Shirt Posed with Japanese Visitor

Man in Flower-Filled Room

Man in Garden

Man in Mill

Man in Patterned Jacket and White Tie

Man in Patterned Jacket with Firestone Lapel Pin

Man in Suit and Striped Tie

Man in Suit and Tie Holding Paper

Man in Suit with Pompadour

Man in Uniform Coveralls

Man Inspecting Loom

Man Inspecting Mill Equipment

Man Inspecting Steel Wire

Man Locking Exterior Door

Man Maintaining Lawn or Garden

Man Operates Textile Machine

Man Operating Forklift

Man Operating Textile Machinery

Man Playing Baseball

Man Posed Next To Machine Controls

Man Posing for Photograph

Man Presenting Award to Woman

Man Receiving Birthday Balloons

Man Receiving Card

Man Receiving Certificate of Appreciation

Man Receiving Trophy

Man Repairing Machinery

Man Riding a Tractor

Man Riding a Tractor in Cotton Field

Man Seated on Podium with Firestone Mill in Background

Man Sits, Working at Machine

Man Speaking at Banquet

Man Speaking at Dinner

Man Speaking at Podium

Thomas Jeffers Speaking at Podium

Man Speaking in Classroom

Man Speaking to Crowd

Man Wearing Glasses and Short-Sleeve Shirt

Man Wearing Glasses and Tie, 1982

Man with Fishing Equipment

Man with Glasses and Lapel Pin

Man with Prize-Winning Dog

Man Working at Spooling Machinery

Managers Examining Machinery

Managers outside Loray Mill

Map of Mill Village

Margaret Matthews

Margery N. Monteith Cleaning Glass

Margery N. Monteith Washing Window

Marion Davis Inside Mill

Mary Ann Jackson, Firestone Switchboard Operator

Maude C. Gaines

Maude E. Peeler

Maude Jenkins

McAdenville Centennial Medallion

McClure Veitch

Meeting at Firestone Mill

Melvin Boone Servicing Rollers

Members of the Hunter Huss High School Health Occupation Class at Firestone Plant

Men and Women at Philanthropic Event

Men and Women Honored as Blood Donors

Men and Women on Trial, Gastonia, N.C., 1929

Men and Women Posing for Photograph

Men at Business Luncheon

Men at Dinner

Men at Firestone-Sponsored Dinner

Men Bowling

Men Examining Cotton Bale

Men Examining Machinery, Firestone Mill

Men Examining Textile Machinery

Men Examining the Demolished Firestone Recreation Building

Men Filming at Mill

Men Holding "Congratulations" Sign

Men in Front of Construction Site

Men in Panelled Room

Men in Suits

Men in Suits Posing for Photograph

Men Joking and Celebrating

Men Meeting in Wood-Paneled Room

Men Playing Checkers

Men Playing Game

Men Posed Behind Army-Navy "E" production Awards Display

Men Posed in Firestone Plant

Men Posing with National Safety Council Award

Men Prepare Fabric for Shipping

Men Reading Firestone Anniversary Publication

Men Shaking Hands at Rotary International

Men Surveying Land

Men Talking

Men Touring Mill

Men with Awards at Firestone Mills

Men With Industrial Management Club Education Certificates

Men with Manufactured Textiles

Men with Suitcase

Men Working with a Tractor

Metal Carts Full of Spools

Metal Carts on Mill Floor

Michael Flanigan

Mildred Holland

Mildred McLeymore Receiving the Firestone Textiles Craftsman Zero Defects Award

Military and Civilian Group in Front of Firestone Display

Military and Civilian Group in Front of Tire Display

Military and Civilian Officials at Award Ceremony

Military and Civilian Officials Examine Wartime Products

Military and Civilian Officials on Mill Floor

Military and Civilian Officials Viewing Manufacturing Equipment

Military and Civilians in Firestone Mill

Military and Firestone Representatives Holding Army-Navy "E" production Award Banner

Military Officer Presents Medals to Firestone Executives

Military Officer Speaking at Podium in Front of Firestone Mill

Military Officer Speaking in Front of Firestone Mill

Military Officers Onstage, Army-Navy "E" production Awards

Mill Addition Under Construction

Mill Equipment

Mill Family at Circus

Mill Family at the Circus

Camp Firestone Cabin Kitchen

Mill House Kitchen and Living Room

Mill House with Christmas Decorations

Mill Physician Examining Patient

Mill Processes Unfolding

Mill Village Houses, Gastonia, N.C.

Mill Worker Speaking to Military Men

Minnice Millwood at Spooling Machine

Minnie Johnson

Monroe Jackson Receives Suggestion Award

Morris Field Band Playing at Army-Navy "E" production Award Ceremony

Moving Truck Transferring Family Possessions

Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Bradshaw

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Johnson , Sr. Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Mrs. Carl Stowe Receives Gavel from Earl Brockman

Mrs. Mescal Certain Inspecting Yarn

Mrs. Raymond Varnadore at Checkpoint

Mrs. Robert Kilby

Mrs.Lewis Connor Posing with Spools

Multiple Families Touring Firestone Mill

Myrtle Bradley

National Guard in Front of Striker Food Headquarters

National Guard Posing at Central School

National Guard Troops Pose with a World War I Howitzer in Front of Loray Mill

Nell Bolick

New Addition, Gaston Memorial Hospital

Newly-Opened Firestone Plant

Newspaper Coverage of Army-Navy "E" production Award

Newspaper Story on Firestone Mills' Wartime production

Nina Dilling

Nora Wood

Norma S. Beaver

Notice of ID Badge Requirement

O.E. Sherrill

O.K. Forrester

Officers of the Variety Garden Club of Firestone

Officials Inspecting Ply Twisting Machinery

Officials Viewing Textile Manufacturing Equipment

Opening in Plant Wall

Operating Draper Loom

Operating Tire Cord Loom

Operations at Gastonia Firestone Facility

Orbie Chastain

Orville K. Forrester and G.D. Cross with Departmental Safety Certificate

Otis A. Thompson

Overhauling Firestone Plant Machinery

Overhauling Machine Frame

Owen Green

Packing up Toolbox

Panorama Photograph of Loray Mill, Gastonia, N.C.

Panorama Photograph of Loray Village and Mill

Panorama Photograph of Loray Village, Facing North

Parade Down Main Street, Gastonia

Parked Cars Outside Firestone Mill

Parking Lot and Shipping, Firestone Mill

Partial View of Empty Hospital Bed

Party at Firestone Mills

Passmore Boarding House Record Book

Paul Neal and Maude Peeler Hold Plaque for 30 Years of Safety Performance

Pay Envelope, Robert Passmore

Payton Lewis

People at Firestone Mill

People at Firestone Mill

People Attending Firestone Champion Farmers Display at the 1939 World's Fair

People Boarding Line of Buses Outside Firestone Mill Complex

People Eating Outside

People Examining Textile Machinery

People Posing in Field

People Touring Firestone Mill

People Touring Firestone Textiles

Personality Development Class

Phil R. Cage on the Floor at Firestone Plant

Photographic Portrait of M. Johnson

Picket Line at Loray Mills, 1934

Picking up the Full Beam for 4761

Pink Ticket to Firestone Children's Christmas Party,1972

Pinning Army-Navy "E" production Awards at Firestone Mills

Plant President, Firestone Mill, circa 1986

Playing Tug-of-War, Textile Week, 1983

Ply Card, Firestone Textiles

Ply Twister

Ply Twister, 14 Inch Bobbins

Ply Twisting Cotton

Portion of Mill Village with Transport Trailers in Foreground

Portrait of Bill Radford, Jr.

Portrait of Man in Dark Suit

Portrait of Man in Dark Suit and Tie

Lewis Clark

Portrait of Man in Patterned Jacket and Tie

Portrait of Man in Shirt and Tie

Portrait of Man in Suit and Tie, Club Pin on Lapel

Portrait of Man Looking Away From Camera

Portrait of Smiling Man Wearing Suit

Portrait of Suit-Clad Man

Portrait of Emma Collins Moore and Two Others

Portrait of Unidentified Man Against Sided Building

Portrait of Unidentified Man in Suit Jacket

Portrait of Unidentified Man, Early 20th Century

Portrait of Unidentified Woman with Glasses

Portrait of W.B Parks, M.D.

Vacation at Camp Firestone

Posing with a Bolt of Tire Fabric

Preparing Wire Fabric for Shipment

President Roosevelt Signs Army-Navy "E" production Award Paperwork

President Roosevelt Visits Loray Mill Community

Prizes Awarded in Suggestion Contest

Pro-Union Flier

Program Celebrating 20 Years of Firestone Mill Operations

Putting Beam into Beam Stand

Putting up Christmas Decorations, Firestone Mill

Racking Spools of Tire Thread

Raffle Tickets at a Party

Railroad Trestle for Coal Delivery

Railroad Trestle Next to Boiler, Firestone Mill

Raising the Flag

Ralph F. Johnson

Ralph Johnson, Firestone Mill Recreation Director