Men Posing with National Safety Council Award

Black and white photo of two men holding National Safety Council award plaque. Plaque is inscribed: “Firestone Textiles / Gastonia, North Carolina / WINNER / Group III / Textile Section Safety Contest / January 1, 1945 – December 31, 1945”

Man Speaking to Crowd

Black and white photo of a man, possible Firestone executive, in formal attire speaking to a group of people at what seems to be a banquet

Men and Women Honored as Blood Donors

Black and white photo of a group of Firestone employees honored as blood donors. Seated L-R: Inez Rhyne, Lucille Baker, Rosalie Burger. Standing L-R: Cole Whitaker, John Ledford, Archie Deal, Thomas A. Grant, John Mitchell, Ollie Liles, Horace Robinson and Cramer Little. Printing notes on reverse.